Monster Text Manipulation: Regular Expressions for the DBA

Sean McCown Regular expressions can help you perform incredible tasks with very little effort. Need to create 1700 logins from an email request? Developers give you a single script with 300 stored procedures, filled with table variables, instead of temp tables? Need to move 500 databases to a different drive? Any of these tasks can[…]

Designing Stored Procedure Solutions

Jen McCown With a little T-SQL experience, you can create a stored procedure that completes a task. But it’s harder to formulate a stored procedure solution with the big picture in mind. In this session, we will work through a real world scenario to develop a thorough solution. You will learn about: Asking the right[…]

Effortless Backups with Minion Backup

Jen McCown Let’s take the new, free backup tool out for a spin. We can hop through a quick installation, glance at the multi-install PowerShell script, and dance around the table-based schedules, for a start. Afterward we’ll have a long, leisurely walk through some of the best things you can do with MB: backup ordering,[…]

Locking and Blocking

Kalen Delaney Failing to design an application with concurrency in mind, and failure to test an application with the maximum number of expected simultaneous users is one of the main causes of poor application performance. Locking and blocking is SQL Server’s default method of managing concurrency in a multi-user environment. In this session we’ll look[…]