Migracja do SQL SERVER 2016 i nie tylko

Cezary Ołtuszyk Jeżeli w najbliższym czasie masz ochotę migrować swoja bazę danych na nowszą wersję SQL Server, lecz obawiasz się, że po przesiadce produkcyjne oprogramowanie przestanie działać – skorzystaj z doświadczenia osoby, która migrowała przed tobą. Podczas 10 letniej pracy w zawodzie przeniosłem wiele serwerów sprawdzając różne “książkowe” propozycje Microsoftu. Ta sesja jest zbiorem tych[…]

Are Temporal Tables a useful feature?

Uwe Ricken Temporal Tables are a new feature in SQL Server 2016. This session will start with an overview of the basic functionality of Temporal Tables based on a real world scenario. After the core concepts of Temporal Tables have been implemented the session will dive deeper into the functionality of it with all its[…]

Demystifying clustered indexes

Uwe Ricken If you ask an expert about using a clustered index you will ALWAYS hear: Yes, you need a clustered index for your table. Last but not least Microsoft Azure Databases requires clustered indexes. But clustered indexes are not always a good choice for your database solution because of several different reasons. This session[…]

DIY Performance Reporting

Sean McCown Stop relying on vendors to provide you with performance data. Between Windows and SQL Server you’ve already got all you need to collect and report on server performance. And it’s far more flexible than you’ll ever get from a vendor. This is often called a poor man’s method, but it’s so much more[…]

The Backup Tune-up

Sean McCown Have you ever gotten tired of your database taking hours to back up? Are you sick of your users breathing down your neck because the database restore is taking too long? Now you won’t have to worry about that anymore. In this session I show you some little known tricks, methods, and trace[…]

Monster Text Manipulation: Regular Expressions for the DBA

Sean McCown Regular expressions can help you perform incredible tasks with very little effort. Need to create 1700 logins from an email request? Developers give you a single script with 300 stored procedures, filled with table variables, instead of temp tables? Need to move 500 databases to a different drive? Any of these tasks can[…]

Designing Stored Procedure Solutions

Jen McCown With a little T-SQL experience, you can create a stored procedure that completes a task. But it’s harder to formulate a stored procedure solution with the big picture in mind. In this session, we will work through a real world scenario to develop a thorough solution. You will learn about: Asking the right[…]