Kalen Delaney Are You Optimistic About Concurrency? en_GB
Kalen Delaney What the Hekaton?! en_GB
Kalen Delaney Locking and Blocking en_GB
Allan Hirt Top 10 Clustering Dos and Don’ts en_GB
Allan Hirt What’s New for High Availability in SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 en_GB
Chris Adkin Leveraging Memory With The Database Engine en_GB
Chris Adkin Superscaling SQL Server Singleton Inserts en_GB
Jen McCown Effortless Backups with Minion Backup en_GB
Jen McCown Designing Stored Procedure Solutions en_GB
Jen McCown Unraveling Tangled Code: A Spellbinding Tale of Victory Over Chaos en_GB
Sean McCown Monster Text Manipulation: Regular Expressions for the DBA en_GB
Sean McCown The Backup Tune-up en_GB
Sean McCown DIY Performance Reporting en_GB
Uwe Ricken Daily problems with indexing and their possible solutions en_GB
Uwe Ricken Demystifying clustered indexes en_GB
Uwe Ricken Are Temporal Tables a useful feature? en_GB
Maciej Pilecki What’s New in SQL Server 2016 and Why Should You Care? en_GB
Maciej Pilecki Reading Execution Plans (and Making Sense of Them!) en_GB
Maciej Pilecki Query to Results – End-to-End Guide to Your Query Lifetime and Performance en_GB


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